Welcome to Casual Academy

The Casual Academy is a network of action groups at Dutch universities. We have in common that we support academic employees on temporary contracts and fight to stop the casualisation of Dutch academia.

Casual Academy is not a central organization, since every ‘Casual’ or action group is independently run, but we do provide a platform to coordinate action and facilitate communication.

If you want to join an action group at your university, or the national action group 0.7, please go to Casuals where you’ll find contact information.

If you are an action group that wants to join our network, please join one of our regular casual academy meetings. 

Join the Rise-up mailing list below if you want to be informed of our activities. You can also browse our website for information and news about our action days, or take a look at our ‘Stories from Academia.’ These are testimonials of the impact of casualisation on academic employees, collected, analyzed and communicated by the Casual Academy testimonial group.