Casual Utrecht is an action group at Utrecht University that struggles against the injustices of job casualization, overwork, and unsafe working environments. Specifically, we call attention to the precarious working conditions of a growing contingent of the university‚Äôs staff. Casual Utrecht has been established as a branch that wants to collaborate more closely with faculties and departments within each university, in a dialogic and constructive manner, and that wants to also include tenure staff in their groups. This action group, therefore, is a place where academics of all types can gather and make plans to change UU for the better. We strive for a university that treats their employees with decency and respect, which means organizing a secure, safe and non-exploitative working environment in which the academic community is able to thrive. We want to be a network, an action group, a system of care, and a force for change.

Casual Utrecht is part of the Netherlands-wide Casual Academy network, originally inspired by the local initiative at Leiden University called Casual Leiden. We are also in close contact with other actions groups such as 0.7 and WOinActie, as well as with the labor union AOb. We call on Utrecht University staff from all ranks to join us in fighting precarization in our university. 

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