Breaking News: Casual UvA announces a marking strike at National Demonstration

This afternoon, Alex Lopez (Casual UvA) announced that Junior lecturers and some permanent contract staff from Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Future Planet Studies, Human Geography and the Beta-Gamma of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies have joined together and committed to a marking strike. Demands of the junior lecturers include permanent contracts, investment in professional development and workload transparency.

Casual UvA request the Board of Trustees (College van Bestuur) to provide a public response to their provided petitions, indicating their position and commitment to the demands that have been issued while detailing a reasonable trajectory in their implementation. In addition, they would like to be actively consulted to discuss and test the viability of the proposed policy to address existing problems.

Provided a reasonable response to the petitions, the members of Casual UvA involved in the strike will end it and proceed with grading. 

Casual UvA calls for solidarity among permanent staff, course coordinators, and students – casualisation can only be combatted together!

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