Demonstration Today (Thursday 12 May, 13:15, Academiegebouw at Domplein Utrecht)

On Thursday 12th of May, the universities and unions will come together at the Academiegebouw at Domplein Utrecht, to negotiate the upcoming collective labour agreement. Dear academics, students, colleagues, activists, and employees, let’s gather Thursday 12th of May at Domplein Utrecht, at 13.15h to show ourselves, voice our concerns, support the unions, and pressure the universities in solid labour conditions for precarious academics. The negotiations will start at 14h, which means that they’ll arrive somewhere after 13.30, so we need to be there at 13.15, and make noise for the first 15 or 30 minutes of the negotiations. Bring signs! Bring your students, especially if you’re teaching! Bring megaphones, whistles and anything else that can make noise. Bring numbers! We need to be there with a sizable group to show how plenty we are. So please, talk to your colleagues, bring them, and eat your lunch from 13.15 until 14.15 at Domplein! The unions feel very confident about these negotiations. This is a chance to make an impact!

Please find the full statement of our partner 0.7 about the demonstration here.

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